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NOTE: Before applying your magnet to your vehicle, make sure that both surfaces are clean and flat. Vehicle magnets are designed to be removed frequently. Please clean both surfaces regularly to avoid damage to your paintwork. If you intend to keep your magnets on your vehicle then please remove and clean and dry them at least once a week to avoid rust forming. Do not apply your magnet over rust spots or flaky paint as this will reduce the power of the magnet and will also cause your vehicle more damage. Its recommended that your bumper magnet be placed at the rear of the car.  If your magnet has been placed on the side of the vehicle, you should be able to safe travel at speeds up to 60mph. However, Demented Designs LLC cannot be held responsible for magnets falling off your vehicle at any speed. Please note that Demented Designs LLC cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle by the application of magnetic bumper stickers.
Photo taken at Seneca Dr. and Route 29
Bumper Magnets are 6” x 4”
Order a quality, screen printed,  "Ho Co Vulture" magnet for your ride!  $3 covers the cost of the magnet, tax and shipping Purchase securely through PayPal™
or send a check/money order for  $3.00 payable to: Demented Designs 8601 Chapel View Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21043
Join the vultures of Howard County! $3
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Embrace the vultures of Howard County! $3